We’re looking for a new team member who will assist our clients in solving business problems at our Flagstaff office. Tasks include analyzing their needs by identifying solutions (both technical and non-technical) & assisting the client in making good decisions. Deploying the selected solutions and perhaps training the client and/or […]

We’re Hiring Again!

Thought I’d dash out a quick post on improving your productivity in a busy office. I don’t have a lot of time (as you’ll see in tip #3) so let’s jump right in… 1. Don’t put too many things on your To-Do list for a particular day if you can […]

Some Quick Productivity Tips

It seems like only yesterday when Matti Raihala, Morris Schorr, Jeff Randall, Jon Hokama and I, with support from Hale Takazawa and many more, opened the doors on Roland Schorr & Tower. But that yesterday was October 1st, 2005 and the years since have been a great experience. Full of […]

A Decade of Service

Body: This morning I walked into my office, and as I approached my desk I said "Hey Cortana". My desktop twitched to life and a little tone told me Cortana was listening. "What time does Staples open?" I continued. After a couple of moments the location and hours of the […]

Not Quite Jarvis…But Getting There.